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5 Plants from Peru with Amazing Medicinal Qualities

Like all traditional cultures, Peru’s native population has a long history of folk medicine and using local plants to treat a variety of ailments. While it’s easy to dismiss traditional cures in an age of pharmaceuticals and modern medicine, research by scientists and nutritionists has revealed that some of Peru’s native plants really do have […]

A Guide to Some of Peru’s Exotic Fruits

Despite being a relatively small country, Peru has a surprising amount of diversity in its landscapes. From its coastal beaches to its mountain heights to its luscious rainforests, one of the joys of travelling to Peru is getting to see the wide variety of native flora and fauna that thrive in all of Peru’s different […]

3 Important Peruvian Cultures You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Incas are by far the most well-known of Peru’s native tribes, famous throughout the world for their mountain cities and their fascinating culture. But the Incan Empire was hardly the only noteworthy Peruvian culture to thrive in the days before European settlers arrived in the Americas. To experience the full cultural history of Peru […]

4 Cities in Peru You Have to Visit

  Peru is too big and too wonderful a country for visitors to keep their travels contained to Machu Picchu and Lima. You may not have heard of the cities listed below before, but your trip to Peru won’t be complete unless you take the time to visit at least one of them before you […]

Peru’s Hidden Languages

  Like the majority of South American countries, Peru’s official language is Spanish, which was brought to the area by European settlers in the 1500s. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, however, the area we now know as Peru was home to at least 300 aboriginal languages, with some researchers estimating the number might have […]

4 Things to Know Before Your Visit to Peru

You’ve decided on the spot for your next vacation – Peru, home of the Andes, the Incas, and plenty of other wonderful sights and rich history. Before you make the trip, here are a few things you need to know about Peru that will make the country that much easier to get used to, and […]

3 Tips for Making the Trip to Machu Picchu

Of the many reasons people visit Peru, Machu Picchu is certainly the most famous. The greatest of the ruins left behind after the fall of the Incan civilization, the ancient temple can be found at the end of the Inca Trail, a winding path through the mountains. The trip is hardly easy, but it’s certainly […]

4 Alcoholic Drinks from Peru You Need to Try

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling the world is when you discover new food and drink that you can’t get at home. Just like its delicious cuisine, Peru has a whole host of adult beverages that are popular with the locals. There are nonalcoholic drinks available that are unique to Peru, but if you’re […]

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