The Best of Peru Includes it’s Homegrown Coffee

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Peru Travel IdeasThe best of Peru includes its homegrown coffee. Coffee is loved throughout the world and the most renowned varieties can be found throughout the Americas with Peru being a top contender. If you’re a coffee lover, we have great news for you: Peru is not only a great place to grow coffee, but it’s also a great place to experience coffee! Coffee came to Peru in the mid-1700s, likely the gift of Dutch immigrants, and not long after their first coffee shop was established in 1771. Coffee exports didn’t get underway for at least a hundred years, starting in 1887, and the world has been richer since. The Typica variety of coffee still dominates, notably amongst the older and micro-farms. Typica is one of the main cultivars of Arabica Coffee, and many other commercial types have been derived from it. It has a long seed form, longer than the other main coffee cultivar, Bourbon, its yield is fairly low, and it provides good cup quality.

The first coffee plantings were in Chinchao, Huanuco in Selva Central and disseminated from there to the Northern (Cajamarca) and Southern (Cusco and Puno) regions of the country. If you’re a coffee lover, any Peru tours you take should include visits to these regions. There’s no shortage of cafes and restaurants that serve local, homegrown Peruvian coffee to be enjoyed day or night. The delightful coffee bush is used for coffee production on small farms, some of which were subdivided haciendas before agrarian reform. The hacienda system, common in other parts of South America and the Carribean, were broken up during land reform (1969) of Juan Velasco Alvarado and the land was distributed to peasants in smaller plots. Some of these small farms are open for tours in Peru and purchases of their specialty and gourmet coffee blends give you an opportunity to take home some of the very best of Peru. Have you long been meaning to visit a working coffee plantation? Is it on your bucket list to live and breathe with the rich java bean? If you answered yes, you’re in luck. Easily plan a tour in Peru that includes the sights and sounds of the Andes whilst reveling in the roasted aroma and taste of one of the world’s most coveted beverages. A delicious tour of Peru in every sense of the word!

Organic coffee farming is a growing facet of Peruvian coffee cultivation. Any Peru travel packages should include time for coffee in the opinion of this writer and if you do make it part of your tour, you’ll never settle for Nescafe again! Consider an overnight stay at or near a coffee farm. This is a popular choice among travelers who appreciate the rich experience of the coffee regions with reviews stating, “Taking in the coffee experience was truly the best of Peru!” Life is about journeys and the joy and challenge of looking at the world with open anticipation and the eagerness to experience new things. Book your Peruvian vacation or trip with Best Peru Tours and make unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

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