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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Peru

Most people know about Machu Picchu and the Incas, but there’s a lot more to Peruvian history and culture than that. Peru holds an important place in world history in regards to food, culture, and sport, one that stretches back hundreds and even thousands of years. With that in mind, here’s four surprising things about […]

Traveling to Peru? Five Peruvian Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss

The best part about travelling the world is the food. There’s no doubt about that. And what you’ll find in Peru is no exception. Here, the food combines elements of the indigenous diet with ingredients and recipes from all across the globe. Its influences are from Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Germany, and other others. A […]

The Best Dish in The World

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of vacationers who choose their destinations based on the cuisine they can find there. This year, many of these so-called “culinary tourists” have set their sights on what has been named “the best dish in the world”. If your tastebuds are intrigued, perhaps a […]

So Many Peruvian Flavors, So Little Time

Culinary tourism is on the rise to Peru, and with good reason. Peruvian cuisine has adapted to new tastes and cultures over the centuries to create a truly unique style, and that style has begun to gain worldwide renown. Famous chefs and critics have traveled to this South American country to experience the flavor profiles […]

3 Foods You Need to Try on Trips to Peru

One of the great joys of traveling to a new land is trying food you can’t find anywhere else, and trips to Peru are no different. Peruvian cuisine is a popular stopping point for many visitors, whether they spend a majority of their time in Lima, Cusco or more rural areas. While the style of […]

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