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One of the most famous people from Peru in Soccer

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paolo guerrero famous people from peru

In recent times, Peruvian football has managed to have references at international level, soccer players who demonstrate their talent in countries such as Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, etc. That is why today the Peruvian people are very proud to have famous people from Peru in the world of international soccer.

One of the most beloved players currently is Paolo Guerrero, he currently plays for the Flamengo team in Brazil. He was born on January 1, 1984 and has taken his football to teams like: Bayern Munich (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Corinthians (Brazil), he started his soccer career in the Peruvian club of Alianza Lima within the minor divisions at 7 years of age, then in 2001 he ascended to the major division, although he never played an official game, his outstanding skills took him to German football.

Currently Paolo Guerrero is one of the most famous people from Peru, due to his great performances with his soccer team, together with the current squad of the Peruvian team, led by technical director Ricardo Garecca (Argentine), have come to form a solid and reliable team, that in the last dates of the eliminatory ones has demonstrated to the Peruvian people that they are a new generation of young soccer players with a dream in common, that is to take Peru to the next world-wide one of Russia 2018.

The Peruvian team has not lost any game in the last 5 dates of the qualifiers, winning 3 of the last 5 games and tying 2, are these results that position the Peruvian team in the fifth place in the standings, becoming deserving of play the playoffs with the New Zealand team, which will be held on November 6 and 14.

Paolo Guerrero was crucial to this achievement, as he scored a free kick with just a few minutes left to finish the game against the Colombia team that was winning 1 to 0, this way the game ended in a draw, and this is how it was returns the hero of the day, that is why today is one of the most famous people from Peru worldwide not to say the most famous.

Just as it was vital to lead his soccer team to play the “repechaje” for the quota to the 2018 football world cup, it will be of utmost importance his participation to win that match and thus lead to the selection of Peruvian soccer after 36 years to a soccer World Cup.

We are sure that with so much talent and a very solid team, they will get it, and they will give the Peruvian people a happiness that will not be forgotten in decades, we are with you: GO PERU!

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