Trips to Peru offer a unique gastronomical experience

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peruTrips to Peru are now a popular place to travel as an excellent food destination. Peruvian cuisine is not only delicious but a creative and extraordinary fusion of many different cultures. Trips to Peru give you a chance to combine learning about the country while taking a tour but also the chance to entice your culinary senses. If time allows on trips to Peru it is fun to participate in a cooking demonstration or class. This way you can return home and prepare some of the wonderful dishes for yourself!

People thinking about taking trips to Peru soon learn that Lima is known as one of the top new gastronomical destinations to visit. Peru’s famous Chef Gastón is now known by people around the world. In addition to a cooking demonstration or class Trips to Peru can include a dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants in Lima. On your trips to Peru another great idea is a dinner show where you can try a variety of Peruvian dishes and also see typical dances from the different parts of Peru. Many dinner shows offered during trips to Peru offer a buffet with a lovely variety of tradition dishes such as Lomo Saltado, Ceviche & Papa a la Huancaina. Of course the famous Pisco Sour drink is available to try!

On trips to Peru people discover that Peruvians love sweets. Suspiro a la Limeña is one of the many popular classic options. It is similar to the taste of caramel blended with sugar and milk and meringue on top. During trips to Peru be sure to try the picarones. They are similar to fried doughnut dough with sugar cane syrup sauce. The dark sauce taste like maple syrup and is called Chancaca.They are delicious and addicting!!!

peruFor trips to Peru in September it may be possible while in Lima to go to Mistura. This gastronomical festival is very popular and succesful with people in Peru. During trips to Peru in the month of September one must purchase these tickets ahead of time and it is best to go as part of a small group or private tour. During your trips to Peru also note the importance of going to Mistura during the week when there are less people because it is a very popular festival and it is crowed especially on the weekends.

When taking trips to Peru one may ask what makes Peruvian cuisine one of the top cuisines of the world. Why is Lima known as one of the best food destinations? I think it is a combination of many things. On trips to Peru you will see that the cuisine is influenced by different cultures such as Spanish, Chinese, African and Japanese. You notice the unique recipes and the presentation of the food. While taking trips to Peru you become aware of the variety of the ingredients used and the fusion of the different cultures in the dishes. Very simply, Peruvian food is unique and incredible delicious! You will see on your trips to Peru that the country deserves to be considered as one of the top gastronomical destinations to visit.

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