#PeruTours Hall of Fame in TripAdvisor

3 Questions to Ask Your Travel Agent Before Visiting Peru

Are you looking for places to visit in Peru? Have you wondered about the best Machu Picchu tours, or dreamt of seeing the real Nazca lines at the foot of the real Andes? There is a lot to see and do in Peru, and you want to see it all, right? You can improve your […]

A Moving Picture: Whole Communities Walking the Path of the Lines?

The “Nazca Lines” captured people’s attention in the 1920’s, when commercial airlines first flew between Lima and Arequipa, in the southern part of Peru. The land, between the Andes on the one side and the ocean on the other, was barren for hundreds of miles. So how did those lines, many of which had clear […]

Shopping the Andean Way: Pisac and Chinchero Markets

Two of the best places to visit in Peru are the open-air markets in Chinchero and Písac, a colorful addition to some of the best Inca Trail tours. Open-air markets are places of abundance. They are colorful, noisy, and full of potentially unique bargains, from trinkets to intricately-woven textiles. You will be treated to an […]

Beaks and Bills of the Amazon

When looking for places to visit in Peru, don’t forget to put the tropical rainforest on your list, right next to journeys from Lima to Machu Picchu. The rainforest is a place where much of the wildlife lives in the forest canopy, and where two of the most recognizable birds in the world, the toucan […]

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