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Can I use my cell phone in Peru to call home?

We suggest you check directly with your cell phone provider to confirm fees. It is expensive normally to use your cell phone in Peru so we suggest you check directly with your cell phone provide to confirm fees and rates.To keep cost down we suggest buying a phone card (about $5) and calling from your hotel room phone or to send an email from the computer at your hotel. Many hotels do have Skype downloaded as well which is a good option from the hotel computer. Most hotels offer in the loby a computer to use for 30 minutes free to hotel guests.

I am on a Gluten free diet. What do I do while in Peru?

Please advise us so that we may alert the hotels where you will be staying. Most hotels provide a buffet breakfast and so you should be able to find enough options. For lunch and dinner at most restaurants you should be able to find something you enjoy on the menú but you can always request a gluten free dish if needed from the chef at the restaurant.

I want to do the Inca Trail but am concerned about the food. I am vegetarian and my husband is on a Gluten free diet. What do we do?

At the time of booking please remind us so that we may advise the treking guide. This way the treking company is able to make the needed modifications to accomodate the meal requirements for you and your husband.

What is the difference between the two trains? Vistadome and expedition.

The vistadome has big windows all around so you can really have a good view leather seats.. The expedituon class was desing with seats on front of each other.

Yellow fever Vaccinations? Yes or No

Yellow fever: highly recommended if traveling to jungle areas (especially if going to any area in Madre de Dios, San Martín, Loreto, Amazonas, Ucayali). You could be requested to show a vaccination certificate upon arrival to Puerto Maldonado.You should receive the yellow fever shot 10 days prior your arrival to Peru, and every 10 years if you continue traveling to risk areas. If you did not take it in your country, you may have the shot at the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

What airfare is included on the packages?

Our packages usually include intra country flights, between cities, for example from Lima to Cusco and back from Cusco to Lima, to make sure you do not have to worry about transportation when you purchase a trip with us.

Will the price go down without insurance? / Are you charging us for the insurance? (can be phrased)

Insurance is not included in the price because we offer this as a free service, a gift from us to our travelers to assure they have a worry free experience, letting us take care of everything for you to enjoy your trip at the best possible way

How do payment works?

For bookings made 2 months or more in advance, we offer a flexible to payment option, our only requirement regarding payment is that we need the entire trip paid 6 weeks or more before the trip starts to assure accommodation, tours, flights and transportation for your trip.

How big are groups in tours?

Our tours are shared with groups that consist of a maximum of 15 people (including yourself and the people traveling with you) so you can have the best service during your experience with us. Groups may be smaller than 15 people, but never bigger, unless you are travelling with a big group, in which case we will offer a free upgrade to a private tour. (This can be changed so it appears more appealing for the readers)

Why Best Peru Tours?

We strive to offer the best service at the best price, having some standards set up to meet the expectations we think are necessary for you to enjoy your trip, knowing that there will always be somebody to assist your every need. We have personnel located in Peru that are highly qualified, and will be in constant contact with your travel agent to make sure everything goes according to what you requested.

Do I need to carry my passport at all times?

Your passport must be presented at all times during your trip, this is done not only to verify identity, but also to confirm your tourist status and avoid local hotel taxation. It is important that your passport have a validity of 6 or more months from the day of your destination entry. For those clients who recently renewed their passport and are traveling with a new passport, please remember that your previous passport ( or at least a copy) must be taken with you and be presented, along with your new passport, at all times!

Do I need a travel visa?

Depending on your nationality and travel destination, vaccinations and visas required must be valid at the time of your trip. All of the obligatory documents including (but not limited to) passport, visas, travel permits and or vaccines required to enter your destination, must be obtain in advance and they are the solely responsibility of the passenger’s. Please contact your nearest destination consulate for details on how to obtain such documents.

How much weight can I carry on local flights?

Weight allowance might vary but the standard is one bag of 50 Lbs for check in and one bag of no more than 10 Lbs for carry one plus a personal item (ex. Purse or tablet). During train trip to Machu Picchu the maximum weight aloud is 11 Lbs

Can I booked my own entrance ticket to Machu Picchu or Huayna Picchu once I am there?

Entrances for Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu are limited and required advance booking.

What are the out of pocket expenses while in Galapagos?

  • Migration Control Card Galapagos: US $ 20.00. This tax must be paid directly by passengers (cash only) before flying to Galapagos
  • Galapagos National Park Tax: US $ 100. This tax must be paid directly by passengers (cash only) upon arrival in Galapagos.
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