#PeruTours Hall of Fame in TripAdvisor

3 Tips for Making the Trip to Machu Picchu

Of the many reasons people visit Peru, Machu Picchu is certainly the most famous. The greatest of the ruins left behind after the fall of the Incan civilization, the ancient temple can be found at the end of the Inca Trail, a winding path through the mountains. The trip is hardly easy, but it’s certainly […]

4 Alcoholic Drinks from Peru You Need to Try

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling the world is when you discover new food and drink that you can’t get at home. Just like its delicious cuisine, Peru has a whole host of adult beverages that are popular with the locals. There are nonalcoholic drinks available that are unique to Peru, but if you’re […]

Cusco and Lima Chosen as Two of the Best Vacation Destinations

Travelers looking to see the world have an almost endless selection of exotic and exciting destinations to choose from when picking their next vacation spot. For most people, there are more places to visit than there are chances to travel. How should one go about deciding which international travel spots are the ones most worth […]

3 Unique Activities You Can Only Do in Peru

Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines may be the most famous of Peru’s unique locations, but they are hardly the only ones. If you’re looking for a Peruvian adventure that’s a little bit different than just another visit to the Inca ruins, here are 3 lesser known locations in Peru that still have plenty to […]

3 Reasons Why Soccer Fans Should Visit Peru

Soccer has a reputation for being underappreciated in the U.S., but the numbers show that this trend is finally changing. According to recent surveys, soccer is the most popular sport among American youth, and more young kids are playing in soccer leagues than ever before. On top of that, more Americans watched the 2015 Women’s […]

South America’s Leading Culinary Destination 2015

The World Travel Awards announced to Peru for 4 consecutive years as the best South America Culinary Destination. Nominees Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Paraguay Uruguay Venezuela For more: http://www.worldtravelawards.com/award-south-americas-leading-culinary-destination-2015

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