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David Ochoa


David was born in Lima and raised in Cusco, Peru. After graduating from Cusco’s Salesian High School (near Sacsayhuaman) he lived in and traveled to other Peruvian cities as well as various South American countries. An alumnus of Saint Petersburg College in Florida with a degree in Computer Science, he now spends his time between his home in Tampa Bay and his parent’s home in Cusco, where he travels frequently.

Passionate and proud of his heritage David founded Peru Travel and Tours, the parent company of Best Peru Tours, in June of 2005 with the goal to provide not only the traditional tour experience of Peru and other South American countries at an affordable price, but also to offer unique alternatives to experience and truly get to know the people, culture and way of life of another country.

David loves spending time with his son and traveling. Among other hobbies he enjoys attending soccer games and playing the guitar. He is currently developing the foundations for South America Change, a non-profit organization committed to the Peruvian community assisting children and mothers in need in addition to providing job skills and education for young students.



Joyce Christina StaverJoyce Christina Staver

Travel Agent

I grew up in Virginia earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Business. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to pursue my interest in the travel and tourism industry for over 8 years while working for Delta Airlines and several travel agencies which have helped me to gain invaluable experience. I traveled to Peru while studying Spanish to participate in a Spanish Language Immersion Program returning for several years to enjoy traveling throughout the different parts of Peru and for volunteer work.

After moving to Tampa, Florida I found a home working for Best Peru Tours. I lived 4 wonderful years in Peru and gained a lot of in-depth knowledge, insight and valuable experience which helps me to better guide you in planning your travels to Peru. I love exploring and learning more about other cultures, traveling, music, dancing, reading and getting to know people from other countries.



Eric PaquetEric Paquet

Travel Agent

In 2006, I made a decision that would change my life. I left everything behind in my homeland of Quebec to make what is called a spiritual trip to Peru. I had dreamt about seeing Machu Picchu since I was a child and felt that this enigmatic place was calling me. I bought a one-way ticket to Peru with time in my life to explore the Land of the Incas on my own and learn about this ancient culture.

I’ve been traveling in Peru for more than 2 years now and I have to admit that I fell in love with this country…and not only with the country! I’m actually living here with my Peruvian wife and I can’t imagine a day without drinking my passion fruit juice under the coastal sun or eating my ceviche (raw seafood marinated in a citrus-based sauce) with my chicha morada (refreshing drink made of purple corn).

Having traveled across the Desert, the Andes and the Amazon, I would be glad to help you organize your trip and give you useful advice. This combined with my 14-years of experience in customer service in French, English and Spanish (including 7 years working in tourism), helps me to provide you with a tour that will meet your interests and needs.

Hasta pronto!



Jessica Paola Damian SumaryJessica Paola Damian Sumary

Travel Agent

Hi everyone. My name is Jessica. I am Peruvian. I have varied experience working both as a receptionist and in customer service to the public utilizing my English. I also have experience in the education field as a teacher and the health field working with special need children.

My goal at Best Peru Tours is to achieve results for our customers both short term and long term through the use of my organizational skills and innovative ideas. I love to travel throughout my country whenever I have free time. I would like to invite everyone from all different parts of the world to come and enjoy the exquisite variety of our cuisine and kind people who always have a smile for you.



FabiolaFABIOLA D’Angelo

Travel Agent

Born and raised in Lima, Peru. My parents loved to travel and I have enjoyed since a little girl long road trips with my brothers.

I graduated from “UNIFE” college in Communications with a specialty in Journalism. Before finishing college I began to work with several television channels and magazines. I really enjoyed working on channel 9 as a reporter at an adventure and traveling T.V show. I had the opportunity to travel to many places in Peru and South America. Following my adventures in Peru I came to North American. I currently live in Florida with my two sons Sebastian and Joanna.

I have known David Ochoa for over 9 years as a good friend and co-worker who gave me the opportunity to work for Peru Best Tours. I enjoy working at Best Peru Tours. It gives me the opportunity to talk with my clients about the beauties that my country offers. I am proud to be an ambassador of my lovely country, Cusco the magical city of the Incas and the Citadel of Machu Picchu that is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I have seen Best Peru Tours grow through the years and I am proud to be part of this great team PERU-USA.

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