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Scenic peru guided tourTraveling to another country can be disconcerting if you don’t have the proper guidance, which is why Peru guided tours are so popular at top destinations. There are many to choose from and they often vary depending on what Peru location you want to visit.

How do you choose which Peru guided tours to take? First, consider where you will be going. If you are interested in touring Lima or Cusco, you may prefer to buy a guide book and skip the professional tours. While you may not catch all the highlights, you will definitely experience the city on your own terms. However, if you have a tendency to get lost or don’t want to handle the uncertainty, Peru guided tours are a better choice.

At historic sites like Machu Picchu, guided tours are invaluable. Some Peru tour operators offer their own private tours for visitors who booked their trip with them, and these can be smaller groups that provide a better experience overall. Self-touring Machu Picchu often means you lose much of the historic context of this Inca city. Peru guided tours will not only give you the history of the site, but will also point out details you may have missed on your own. Plus, making travel arrangements to and from Machu Picchu is often handled by the tour groups, so you don’t have to worry about missing your ride.

Peru guided tours should include a brief itinerary of what areas you will be going through, and in metropolitan areas and in towns, they should allow your group to have some free time to explore by yourself. Not all tours arrange for travel in every area, and unless you plan on staying in an area for longer than the tour takes, picking one that brings you back to your accommodations is often the more practical choice.

Another item to consider when checking out the guided tours available is whether the tour company will be responsible for any lost or stolen items. Some provide secure locations to store your items, but most do not, so know what you are getting into and travel light when necessary. No matter where you travel, you shouldn’t leave your possessions unattended in public, especially cameras and other electronics.

Peru guided tours are offered by many companies, so check for positive ratings online. There are several travel websites that offer reviews of tour companies and more. Doing a little research ahead of time can save you time and money. Also look out for hidden costs — does the fee you pay up front cover the travel and meal expenses? There are other accommodations they may provide with the cost, but these amenities can also cost extra. Read the fine print and check the company’s reputation, and you will have an idea of what the experience will be like.

Before heading off on a tour, check the tour guide’s policy on pickup times. If the tour bus is scheduled to take off at a certain time, how long will they wait for stragglers? If you have been taken to a different part of the country, knowing if your Peru guided tours will wait for you if you get lost will be comforting.

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