Peru Tour Operators for Trujillo, Chiclayo and Cajamarca

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peruThere is a lot to see and enjoy in Peru. Peru Tour Operators can help you to plan the trip based on your length of stay. One option during your travels in South America that many people enjoy is visiting Trujillo and Chiclayo in the north. We can also include for you, if time allows, a visit to Cajamarca which also lies in the northern part of the country.

Three to four days will be needed to arrange for you the time necessary to see this lovely and historical part of the country. Best Peru Tours know that for people interested in ancient culture and archaeology the town of Trujillo offers a chance to see the pre-Incan complex of Chan Chan. We also like to include a visit to the Temples of the Sun and Moon afterwards to complete the day if time permits.The next day your Peru Tour Operators can plan for you a visit to Huanchaco Beach, located not far from town, where you can enjoy a seaside lunch and see the well known reed canoes used for fishing. Before leaving Trujillo have your Peru Tour Operator make arrangements for you to go and enjoy a presentation of the beautiful and traditional Peruvian dance called the Marinera.

peruAbout 4 hours by bus, north of Trujillo, lays the town of Chiclayo.Your Peru Tour Operators can arrange for you to visit the well known Lord of Sipán Museum which holds the famous and impressive collection of Lord Sipán,one of the most important archaeological discovers of the world.

Best Peru Tours can then set up a visit further north to the town of Cajamarca. Not a typical tourist location, Cajamarca is located about a 6 hour ride by bus from Chiclayo. We can plan this trip for you so that you may enjoy the colonial charm of this town. Located in a valley, Cajamarca is known for its natural hot springs or Inca Baths. Talk to us about including other highlights in the charming colonial town of Cajamarca such as the Bishop’s Palace, the San Pedro church and the Palace of the Condes de Uceda. Peru Tour Operators will need you to have an additional 3 days after your visit to Trujillo and Chiclayo if you want to include time to travel and enjoy Cajamarca.

peruSo you can see that Best Peru Tours can arrange a lot of options for you while in Peru! Based on your interest and time in the country we will want to plan the trip taking into account what works best for you with the time needed for each town you decide to visit. Your Peru Tour Operators can organize your trip to the northern part of the country before or after traveling to Machu Picchu. Many people enjoy traveling first to the north and then on towards Machu Picchu. Your Peru Tour Operators can help you plan
the Peru trip that is best for you!

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