Peru Vacations and Peru vacation packages: Learn how to get the most out of Peru

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Peru vacations are an exciting time to explore one of South America’s top tourist destinations. No matter what Peru vacation packages you choose, the country has much to offer and most Peru vacations will cover the highlights.

To get the most out of your Peru vacation packages, do a little planning ahead to ensure the trip is as stress free as possible and you get a true taste of the country you will be visiting.

Places to Visit
There are several places you can visit during Peru vacations and many are likely already on your itinerary. While some are well-known, there are others that are just as worth catching, so be sure these sites are included in your trip.

  1. Machu Picchu — This historic Inca city is the pride of Peru, making it one of the most popular
    stops on Peru vacation packages. The site was spared destruction from European settlers and
    it has been going through restoration since the 1970s to provide better historic context, resource
    and experience for visitors. Every tourist should go to Machu Picchu
  2. Lima — As the capital, this is the most modern city in Peru, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t have its own charm. There are several historic and contemporary places to visit during a Lima tour.
  3. Cusco — Not too far from the capital, Cusco has maintained much of its traditional architecture
    and culture compared to Lima, thus providing a completely different city experience. A Cusco day tour is an unforgettable experience.
  4. Nazca Lines — The mystery behind these lines remains unsolved. Carved into the earth, the lines form patterns miles wide that can only properly be appreciated from a helicopter ride over the area — some Peru vacations include this. It is unclear why these lines were created more than 1,000 years ago.

Preparations to Make
You’re excited about the prospect of your upcoming time off, and you’ve looked through several Peru vacation packages to find the one that meets your needs best. Before you set off for the airport though, make sure you have prepared for the trip.

  1. Like any other international trip, you should keep a photocopy of your passport in each piece of
    your luggage. If you somehow lose your passport or it is stolen, it will be easier to obtain passage home if you have a copy. You should also know where your country’s consulate is in the area.
  2. If you plan on bringing credit or debit cards on your Peru vacations, write down the international
    phone numbers to call in case your card is stolen or lost. You should also contact each bank
    before leaving to let them know you will be traveling — otherwise they may put a stop to new
    purchases when they see your card is being charged in a foreign country. This is a fraud prevention mechanism and is harder to reverse after the fact.
  3. Consider getting travel insurance if your Peru vacation packages don’t already include it. This
    can save you time, money and stress if something goes wrong, such as flight cancellation or lost baggage.
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