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Hello Fabiola,

We are home from our Peru trip. It was amazing. The weather was warm even in the mountains. it only rained one afternoon but nothing to interrupt plans.

There were some surprises and a few things I would have done differently but overall it was a wonderful trip and I saw everything I hoped to see.

The hotels were very nice, clean and conveniently located. The breakfasts were very nice. Our favorite hotel was the El Santuario Hotel near Machu Picchu. The water was hot , the bed was soft and the view was outstanding.

In Lima, Carlos was so professional and helpful. He picked us up on time and answered all our questions.

In Cusco, Gladys was equally professional and helpful. At Machu Picchu there was always a guide to help us and answer questions from when we got off the train until we went back to Cusco.

The only problems were in Puno. They did not pick us up on time at the bus station. A lady called once at the hotel and left us a phone number. Good thing because we had no idea when to be ready for the flight from Puno back to Lima. I went down to the front desk and they called them for us about 7:00 pm the night before the flight. At all of the hotels during the tour, they always left us a message at the front desk or they would leave a message reminding us about times and when to be ready to go.

Our trip to the Islas Uros was delightful. I couldn’t believe how friendly they were and how much I learned. But the trip to to Isla Taquile was a surprise. I did not realize it was part of the tour. I will tell you it was beautiful but it was exhausting, physically exhausting. It took me over an hour to walk up the path to the top of the island, then another 10 minutes to walk up higher to the place where we were eating. The guide says it usually take 45 minutes to walk the path. It is steep and at a high altitude. After lunch, which I can say was the best fish I had in Peru, there were 500 steps down to the boat dock, the boat looked like a tiny miniature toy from so high up. I really only wanted to visit the Uros Islands. We walked up Machu Picchu two days and that was not as hard.

Thank you for a wonderful trip. Carolyn Kamleiter

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