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Since this is my first dealing with a company I found online who nevertheless has extensive good reviews from customers, I was a bit wearied before I got to Peru, all by myself. My contact person was Joyce (located in Florida) who was always helpful. From Lima thru Cusco to Machu Pichu and again back to Lima, I was always met on time at airports and train stations (at least 7-8 times) by friendly and courteous personnel. One time somebody was 30 minutes late and the company offered me a free dinner which I declined, but the offer was appreciated. Everything I paid for was delivered, with a few omissions which were quickly remedied. The traveler just has to keep track of what he/she was supposed to get. The staff does their best but things do fall between the cracks when the pace is very fast. I mostly wanted to make sure I have my Huyana Picchu Pass which was the main purpose of the trip and without it I would have missed the climb of my life, it was there. The local guides were knowledgeable, especially mine in Sacred Valley (older gentleman, “Guillo” or “Guillermo”?) on 8/April 2014. My coordinator in Cusco, Jimmy, was wonderful, no task was too small for him and he was always available on the phone. The hotels were nice and clean, it seems like BPT tries new hotels on solo travelers and it’s fine but as I said in one of the surveys, it would be extremely helpful if the hotel address was printed on the itinerary for the traveler to be able to find it. One time in Agua Caliente (small town but many streets) I spent two frustrating hours looking all over the place for my hotel “The Sanctuario” after a long day trekking at Machu Picchu. I kept on being told ” It’s near, very near…” but when one does not have a map and only know the name of the hotel, and have no cell phone which works in Peru…it can be pretty frustrating. I finally found it just by bumping into a guide I had met before.. by chance, in the streets. I think the address should be given when the traveler has to find her hotel on her own; what is obvious to a resident is not that clear to a tourist coming to town for the first time!
On the whole I was very satisfied with the level of service, the dedication of the staff, and will recommend BPT to all my hikers friends many of them have the Inca Trails and Huyana Picchu in their “bucket” list. Thank you for a great Peruvian experience !

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