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We decided to go for a 12th Anniversary Trip to Peru. Plan was to cover 3 regions – Lima, Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu and Amazon and trick was we had our 3.5 year old son who was traveling with us.  David from Best Peru gave us the Best rates and we signed up in August for the Nov trip. No issues with Payments. Plan / itinerary was made in advance and according to our specific needs.  We just came back to US from our trip and while it was a memorable experience – once-in-a-lifetime – there are few things where Best Peru needs to improve.  Pros: 1. Great people 2. Great rates 3. Overall good coordination (pickup/drops etc.) 4. Mr. Juan in Cusco is an exceptional operator and guide 5. GREAT WITH KIDS  Cons: 1. On our last day, we were supposed to be escorted to the Airport hotel and no one was present. After calling 4 times and waiting for 30 mins, we went there ourselves. We felt a little on our own last 2 days of the tour. 2. Hotels provided were not good overall, except for Sacred Valley and Amazon. The one in Machu Pichhu was especially poor. 3. Lack of proper plan, marketing, communication. Answered lot of questions but more reactive than proactive. Would have loved a formal 1 hour presentation on Day 1 or 2 to explain about the next 10 days’ itinerary 4. Internal flights were poor. StarPeru is a really bad airlines. Avianka or Latam should have been provided. 5. For Amazon, things like Hacienda Inkaterra shuts off power for 7 hours a day – these information should have been told upfront.  Overall, Peru is a great country to visit even with small kid as ours. I would request Best Peru Tours to try and get more personal with their customers but if they could plug in the above “holes” and improve on these points, they are great to work with and I could happily recommend them to everyone.   Best. Raj

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