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#PeruTours Hall of Fame in TripAdvisor

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I would highly recommend Best Peru Tours especially if you want a customized trip and do not want to be with a scheduled group tour. The absolute best part was the service we got at the airports. Traveling in an unknown country especially when you do not speak the language can be very frustrating and confusing but we had someone who met us at the airport, stood in line with us, spoke to the ticket agent & took us right up to the gate. We always had private transfers to and from all our hotels and excursions. We are Floridians that we’re unfortunately caught in Hurricane Irma so we had to push our trip back 5 days. Fabiola had everything rebooked and we had a fabulous trip. we did have to pay for some change fees due to rebooking some things because of the Hurricane, the only complaint I have is they sent some unknown person once we arrived in Peru to collect the money for the change fees. I had no problem paying for it but the guy wanted cash. I felt uncomfortable doing that with some unknown person but I contacted Best Peru Tours and they immediately took care of sending someone with a credit card machine. Everything was ok after that. Machu Picchu was the whole reason we went to Peru and it did not disappoint. The best ruins I have seen in all my travels.

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