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5 Adorable Animals You Can See in Peru

Peru is one of the most biodiverse locations in the world which means that it’s home to a number of creatures big and small. We could never hope to go over all of them. There are just too many! Instead we’ll focus on some of the cutest and most adorable animals you might come across […]

5 Interesting Facts About Peru’s Government

There are so many interesting facts about Peru that it will make you dizzy. It’s history, animals, and even soccer players like Paolo Guerrero are worth learning. But here are some interesting facts about Peru and its government that will make you want to see it for yourself. The Government Palace Is almost 500 Years Old […]

4 Important Peruvian Historical Figures

Like every country, Peru’s history and culture have been shaped by a number of extraordinary individuals. They’ve set the course the country and its people would take for generations to come. Though you may not have heard of these four Peruvian historical figures before, the impact each of them made can still be felt to […]

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