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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Manu National Park Named Most Biodiverse Area on Record

Peru has another reason to boast about its natural resources now -- a survey conducted by UC Berkeley found that Manu National Park in southwestern Peru has the highest biodiversity currently in the world and on record. Several new critters and plants have been discovered in this lush area for a total of: 155 amphibians 132 reptiles 1,000+ birds 1,200+ butterflies. Manu National Park, also called Parque Nacional del Manu, is a biosphere reserve and has been so recognized by UNESCO since 1977. As the largest national park in the country, it was also named a World Heritage Site in 1987. Even before these designations were given, the area that’s now the park was protected by virtue of how difficult... [ + ]

U.S. Dollar Goes a Little Further in Peru and Other News

If you’ve done much traveling, you know the local exchange rate can mean a lot for your travel budget. And recent news out of Peru means that the U.S. dollar can go a little further than it could previously, which is good news for travelers to this South American haven. According to the Andina news outlet, Peru’s central bank sold $130 million USD in the foreign-exchange market on January 31, which weakened the local currency slightly. Since the beginning of the year, Peru’s currency -- called nuevo sol or just “sol” -- has slipped 0.82 percent against the dollar. What does that mean to U.S. travelers? Mostly, it means that $1 USD gets you a few more sols. Maybe that... [ + ]
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