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Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Dollar is Soaring High in Peru

Is the U.S. Dollar your primary currency? If it is, congratulations are in order, because your money has rarely been worth more in relation to the Peruvian sol. Even though Peru is one of the most stable economies in South America, their currency, the Nuevo Sol, has declined against the U.S. dollar over the past several years. For the budget-minded traveler from the U.S. and territories, this is one of the best times in recent history to visit Peru. The value of the dollar is expected to stay well above the 3:1 level (three sols to every dollar) through the end of 2016. (If you have internet service, you can find out the exact current exchange rate if you type... [ + ]

Surfing in Peru is about to Get a Boost

The eyes of the world will be trained on Lima, Peru, in 2019 for the summer Olympic Games. And with surfing now added as an official event, the waves of Peru will be seen by millions. Peru is one of the world’s finest surfing destinations. There are 1600 miles of coast and very little to get in the way of the surfer and the waves. With monster swells on a par with the legendary swells of Hawaii, regulars tell of an abundance of accessible breaks, a variety of large, small, and medium-sized waves, and very little rain. THE COASTLINE The areas around Lima and Punta Hermosa are favorite spots of visiting surfers. Even though the entire coastline is in the... [ + ]


One of the best places to visit in Peru, especially if you like history and enjoy looking at gold, is the Museo de Oro in Lima. The museum is home to genuine artifacts and exquisite reproductions of the massive treasure of the Incas, most of which was plundered and melted down by the Spanish, who also gave twenty percent of their fortune to their king. Legends live on, though, about a treasure hidden deep in the mountains of the Andes. The Last Incan King The Spanish conquistador, Pizarro, marched into the Incan Empire in 1532. The five year war between brothers for control of the Incan empire appeared to be nearing completion. On the edge of full victory, Atahualpa and... [ + ]

Sunrises and Sunsets in Crystal Clear Air

Nestled between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is South America’s largest lake. At over 3,200 square miles, it is also one of the world’s highest commercially navigable lakes and, for the people of the Andes, the traditional site of the birthplace of the Sun. The lake is one of the best places to visit in Peru. The lake has been considered to be the center of the cosmos, at least in the eyes of the Andean peoples, for centuries. Even the Inca, who conquered the lands in the 15th and 16th centuries, continued the belief in its connection to the sacred. Evidence of the importance of the lake as a spiritual site is peppered all around the lake in the... [ + ]


The cultural scene is exploding in Peru, in the years since the end of the twenty-year internal conflict in 2000. Nowhere is that more evident than in Lima, with its dozens of museums, galleries, theaters and exhibits to entice resident and tourist alike. In this piece, we talk about three attractions, each different in scale and what they offer, but each equally intriguing in their own right. The largest performing arts center in Peru Lima has many theaters, presenting a wide variety of fantastic productions. Until July of 2012, however, the city was lacking a venue large enough to attract the larger, and more widely popular productions. That was when the Grand National Theater (Gran Teatro Nacional del Peru) in... [ + ]
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