More Than The Classics: 5 Best Things to Do in Peru off the Beaten Path

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Are you looking to experience Peru but not the same exact way every tourist does? Learn the best things to do in Peru that are still unique.

Peru is a country rich in culture and history unlike any other place in the world. It’s home to grand sights like Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, the Inca Trail, and much more. There’s always so much to do for any visiting family.

What if you want to find some of the best things to do in Peru that aren’t so well known? The kind of activities that are unique but still full of beautiful Peruvian culture?

Look no further. Down below, we’ve listed five activities that are sure to leave you and your family with memories of a lifetime.

1. Gaze Upon the Nazca Lines

Visit the Lines of Nazca

Said to have been etched into the ground sometime between 200 BC and 600 AD, these lines are a striking sight. As soon as you look at them, a sense of wonder overcomes you.

The lines make up a number of different creatures, such as lizards, hummingbirds, and monkeys.

These lines are enormous as well, making them even more spectacular. For the best view of the Nazca Lines, take a trip inside of a helicopter for an aerial perspective.

2. Visit Rainbow Mountain

Visit Rainbow Mountain

Also known as Vinicunca, this bright mountain contains colors straight out of fantasy land. Many of its brethren mountains also have unusual color schemes, but Vinicunca is the star of the show.

Get ready to enjoy a mountain made up of the most vivid pinks, blues, and purples that you’ll not find anywhere else.

3. Sleep in the Daring Skylodge

Sleep in the Daring Skylodge

If you are wondering what to do in Peru that’s both exciting and unique, then the Skylodge is the right choice for you.

Why stay in a regular hotel when there’s a glass cabin with the most spectacular view waiting for you? At the Skylodge, you’ll have a magical night’s rest as you hover over the Sacred Valley.

4. Hike Through Huascarán National Park

Hike Through Huascarán National Park

With tall mountain ranges and unique wildlife, the Huascarán National Park has many amazing things to see and do. Hike through one of the tallest tropical mountains or try to spot a giant hummingbird.

If relaxation is more your style, share a picnic at the lower parts of the Park and marvel at the sights around you.

This National Park is an activity with something for everyone in the family.

5. Get Creative at Usko Ayar

Get Creative at Usko Ayar

Though much newer in construction compared to many of the other activities, this one still has much to show you and your family.

Founded in 1988, this art school helps bring artistic expression to those who wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. It’s easy to spot once you get close enough. The place oozes art and culture with every glance.

There’s nothing quite like seeing so much creativity gathered in one place. And, if you find something you love, buy some of the art and bring it home as a beautiful souvenir!

Don’t Hesitate to Try These Unique Best Things to Do in Peru

The activities listed above are only some of the best things to do in Peru. The beauty of this culture-rich country is the fact that there’s always something to do and see.

It’s the perfect mix between an educational, relaxing, and enriching experience.

Sound like the right kind of vacation for you and your family? Check out our travel packages to see these amazing sights for yourself!

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