10 Reasons to Fall in Love With Peru

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Peru is one of the countries in South America that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. It is a country that conquers hearts and falls in love with travelers since they set foot on their soil.

Here you will find 10 reasons to fall in love with this country and make it your next destination.

1. The dream landscapes will leave you breathless.

Thanks to its diverse geography it allows you to pass from the desert coast to the mountains and the green Amazon, giving options for all tastes. You can rest on the beaches of the north of the country, where the whole year is summer; live the adrenaline of traveling the dunes at full speed and admire the sunset in the desert.

Explore the top of the Amazon mountains and hit with one of the highest waterfalls in the world or walk millennial roads in the Peruvian Andes. Turquoise lagoons, towering mountains and much more!

Rainbow Mountain, Cusco
Rainbow Mountain, Cusco

2. Its cultural past distinguishes it.

The country is a cultural destination in every sense. There is no corner of their territory that does not show it. A clear example of this is the oldest city in America located north of the city of Lima in the town of Supe: Caral, which is contemporary with cultures such as Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Also, diverse pre-Hispanic cultures such as Chavín, Chimú, Moche, Inca, among others, have left for posterity its great splendor as the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, considered one of the wonders of the modern world, or the largest city of mud in the world: Chan Chan in Trujillo.


Also, diverse pre-Hispanic cultures such as Chavín, Chimú, Moche, Inca, among others, have left for posterity its great splendor as the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, considered one of the wonders of the modern world, or the largest city of mud in the world: Chan Chan in Trujillo.

3. Peru and its gastronomy fall in love with palates

Peruvian cuisine is an explosion of flavors and is the result of years of history. It has influence from countries such as Italy, Spain, China, Japan and the African continent. It is a mixture of cultures, varieties of climates and the evolution towards a modern kitchen rich in millenary inputs such as quinoa, kiwicha and more.

Among the most representative dishes that you should try when visiting Peru is the fish cebiche, the lomo saltado, the anticuchos, the Lima cause, the chaufa rice, the pachamanca, etc. And among the traditional desserts are the delicious picarones, arroz con leche and purple mazamorra made with purple corn, a typical Peruvian ingredient.

Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado

4. Its privileged position in the heart of South America

Peru is the only country in South America that has its capital located on the seafront: the city of Lima, which has an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and is considered a Hub in Latin America. If you visit Peru, mandatory stop is Lima, you will be surprised.

Larcomar, Lima
Larcomar, Lima

5. Recognized for its biodiversity and protected natural areas

Peru is among the 10 most diverse countries in the world, known as “megadiverse countries.” It has 84 life zones of the 117 existing on earth and 28 types of climate of the 32 that exist on the planet.

The 16.93% of its territory are protected natural areas, among which stand out the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Loreto, the Manu National Park in Madre de Dios, the Paracas National Reserve in Ica, among others.

Peru is a paradise for nature lovers and especially for birdwatchers, since it has around 1,830 bird species and discover more every year. In the country, you can observe the largest flying bird in the world, the Condor; and the second smallest bird on the planet, the Short-tailed Estrellita.

If nature is your thing and you want to see animals up close and in their natural state, Peru is your ideal destination.

Manu National Park
Manu National Park

6. The quality of its people

Peruvians will always welcome travelers with love and solidarity. They will do everything possible to make them feel at home. Especially the people of the highlands and the jungle are characterized by their hospitality. Many small towns keep their doors wide open and like to share with travelers their customs, stories and regional cuisine.

7. Ideal destination for adventure lovers

If you are in search of adrenaline, Peru is perfect for an adventure. Thanks to its diverse geography, it has spectacular scenarios for the realization of outdoor activities such as trekking, which has one of its main exponents in the Huascarán National Park and where is the highest mountain in Peru that gives the park its name: The Huascarán.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an adventurous activity in the city, Miraflores has a para-port where para-gliding takes place every day and in the tourist heart of Lima with a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean from the background.

But if there is a sport that characterizes Peru, it is surfing. You can practice it in different beaches of the coast of the country, being among the most sought after by surfers from all over the world, are those of northern Peru, where you will find the longest left wave in the world.

The Huascarán
The Huascarán

8. Get up close with the alpacas and llamas

For some time, alpacas and llamas have become the favorite of many. Peru is one of the ideal destinations to get to know these exotic animals up close and why not, have a fun selfie with them.

Alpacas are known throughout the world for the fineness of their fur, in the different regions of southern Peru these animals are raised and then use their wool in the creation of export garments.

9. Variety of lodgings

Peru has a great variety of lodgings in all its regions and super accessible prices. Find from hostels for the youngest to luxurious five-star hotels in the best places of the country, which offer unique experiences. In fact, the hotel infrastructure has been growing in recent years, providing better alternatives for travelers.

JW Marriot, Cusco
JW Marriot, Cusco

10. Local festivities throughout the year

If there is something that characterizes Peru, it is your calendar of festivities, where you will find celebrations to the north, center and south of the country. Among the main festivals are the Carnivals, which take place at the beginning of the year; The Feast of the Virgin of Candelaria in Puno, capital of Peruvian folklore; the Inti Raymi in Cusco, a celebration that keeps alive the millenary culture of the country; The Festival of San Juan, celebrated especially in the Amazonian regions of the country; among others.

Virgin of Candelaria, Puno
Virgin of Candelaria, Puno

What are you waiting for? Come and fall in love with Peru too!

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