For your next vacations to Peru: What Peruvians do for fun?

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what peruvians do for fun

Peru, is one of the most visited countries by tourists from around the world, knowing what peruvians do for fun may be very useful if you are planning to visit soon.

Last year (2017), Peru was the favorite destination most visited by the Americans beating Colombia and Brazil.

peru the best place for usa peolple in 2017

It is for this reason that we are sure that knowing what peruvians do for fun will be very useful, and we, the Best Peru Tours team, will explain some of them:

Go to the Beach

La Mina BeachLa Mina Beach

One of the favorite things for the “costeños” is to go to the beach with friends or family, spend a good day of sun and enjoy the sunset, during the day surfing, playing beach soccer, sunbathing in the sun or simply enjoying a few beers among Friends, it’s one of the most simple but unforgettable things you can enjoy.

A day at the beach is not complete, without eating a good “Ceviche”, a typical dish that we are sure you will love.

According to Tripadvisor, the 6 best beaches in Peru are (in that order):

  • Vichayito Beach (Piura)
  • Playa Roja (Paracas)
  • Las Pocitas Beach (Mancora)
  • Playa La Mina (Paracas)
  • Supay Beach (Paracas)
  • Pimentel Beach (Chiclayo)

Meet With Friends

If you have a quiet afternoon, the best option is to enjoy among friends, it is the ideal time to meet and enjoy a lunch, some desserts and even drink a few beers having the most entertaining conversations possible.

Some of the games re: Cards, charades or board games

If the afternoon was not enough, the ideal is to continue the meeting in a karaoke, an opportune moment to throw off the stress and lose the fear of ridicule.

Night in lima - stage karaoke

If you are in Lima, this is the ranking of the 3 best karaokes according to tripadvisor:

  • The Stage Karaoke Show (Miraflores)
  • HAUS Karaoke Bar & Boxes (Miraflores)
  • Catarsis Karaoke Bar & Lounge (Chorillos)

More Practiced Sports

The sport of greater acceptance by the Peruvians is Soccer. Remember that in the last World Cup in Russia, Peru achieved the classification so longed for by all Peruvians after 36 years without returning to a World Cup, for this reason that today football is always present in the hearts of all Peruvians and whether you run into a Peruvian who does not play football (which would be a unique case), for all Peruvians in general is the sport that we are most passionate about.

peru mundial rusia

There are new trends, which nowadays Peruvians perform as activities to have fun and keep in shape, we pass a ranking of the 7 most performed sports:

  • Soccer
  • Go for a run
  • Fitness center
  • Volley
  • Swimming
  • Walk
  • Cycling

But because of the great diversity of beaches that you can find in all of Peru, it is one of the favorite destinations for surfing.

If you already visited Peru, and you learned a way that Peruvians have fun that we did not mention in this article, describe it in the comments and share your experience with us.

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