Iguazu Falls, Natural Wonder of The World

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Visiting Iguazu Falls

South America is an incredible destination, where you not only find attractions related to culture and history, but countries rich in biodiversity, with fantastic places to enjoy nature in all its splendor.

One of the ideal destinations for this is on the border between Brazil and Argentina: the Iguazu Falls, considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world since 2011 and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 and 1986.

Fed by the waters of the Iguazú River, from which they take their name, which means “Big Water” in Guaraní, they have an approximate area of ​​2,700 meters and 275 waterfalls with an average height of 60 meters, which provide an incomparable natural spectacle.

Many say that this impressive marvel has the shape of a large inverted J, but others affirm a resemblance to a large horseshoe by the arches that it presents. The main waterfall of the Falls is 80 meters high and is known as the Devil’s Throat, producing a powerful sensation when appreciated for its powerful flow, which generates a permanent mist and beautiful rainbows.

It is right in that place where the dividing line of the Brazilian and Argentine side is located.

rainbow in Iguazu Falls

To know them in all their splendor, it is best to visit both sides, because each one has its charm. The side of Brazil allows you to enjoy a privileged panoramic view of most of the jumps and from the Argentine side there are various circuits and boat rides, where you can not only touch the water, but also reach the Devil’s Throat itself .

In the latter, basically, there are two circuits to know them: one lower and one higher. From the bottom, you can reach the base of the falls, where the dew can wet the visitors and give them a unique experience.

The other walk is quieter and offers impressive panoramic views from walkways and viewpoints. Both will leave you breathless and with a different perspective of the place. You can not lose this!

This natural beauty is a destination that every person must visit at least once in life, therefore, in order to preserve it, protected areas were created by the governments of Brazil and Argentina.

From the Brazilian side, which has around 20% of the falls, it is called the Iguaçu National Park in the state of Paraná, while on the left side is the Argentine territory, which is named Iguazú National Park, where find 80% of the cataracts.

Place for View the Iguazu Falls

In total, between Brazil and Argentina they guard an area of ​​600,000 hectares, where not only this marvel is preserved, but also fauna and flora of the Atlantic Forest, one of the most diverse and biologically rich in the world.

Every year thousands of visitors come together to enjoy a show of great natural beauty, which is also highlighted by the initiative of the authorities in preserving the first fully electric locomotive for the transport of tourists to the different circuits that develop on the Argentine side .

The Iguazu Falls are considered the largest waterfalls in South America and have a privileged connectivity, in addition to land access, there is an airport on each side of them, both from Brazil and Argentina. There is no excuse not to visit them, you will not regret it and we assure you that you will want to return.

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