5 Travel Tips beyond What to Wear

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How do you pack for one of our Peruvian adventures? Do you make a list weeks ahead, or do you wait until the night before?

Many of us start off our travel packing with a minimalist strategy. We pack just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We economize for weight, both for the plane and for our backs. Yet, if we have time, no matter what our intentions, we tend to add more than one “just in case” item. Perhaps it’s another shirt or two, or a pair of shoes – the list of add-ons can be endless. Pretty soon you’ve got something to wear for every occasion and a suitcase that’s well over your intended weight.

One strategy to curtail the endless additions is to use a smaller suitcase. The larger your bag, the more items you can fit in it. So even though you may have the option of “one carry on and one checked bag,” unless you’ll be traveling for weeks without a way to wash your clothes, one great strategy is to resist the temptation to buy/bring the biggest suitcase possible.


Use Packing Cubes

Another strategy is to use packing cubes. We’ve all rolled our eyes at one time or another at the thought of packing cubes. The arguments against them tend towards the suspicious: that they are just another ploy to get us to spend money.

But if you are a regular traveler, you probably know they are really worth their weight. We all have our own systems for using the durable, washable cubes. Here are two ways packing cubes can make your traveling life easier:

  • Use one size/color only for a complete change of clothing (except shoes of course), every time you travel. You always know, then, that you can grab that cube and clean clothes await;
  • Designate another color/size for your dirty clothes. Again, you aren’t wondering which plastic bag or pouch to stuff them in. they are always in the green (or black or blue) pouch of a certain size.

Bring flashlight and/or headlamp

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a really good, strong, and not-too-hefty flashlight. Buy one that fits into the way you like to travel, but always have one with you. If you will be in an area without electricity for some time, it is a very good idea to bring a headlamp so your hands are free.

Bring Dermatologist-recommended facial wipes

Facial wipes are not “handi-wipes,” although the format is the same. Dermatologist-recommended facial wipes are gentle on your skin, especially your face. They come in very handy for taking the edge off in hot weather, or just to freshen up when a shower isn’t readily available.

We strongly suggest using the wipes on your face before your trip, to rule out allergic reactions. (There are several different brands available in stores. It will be easier to try them out at home.) When in doubt about which brand to bring, ask your dermatologist.


Bring a small notebook

You will have many exciting experiences when you tour with us – so many that your head may be swimming with unfamiliar information. A small, spiral-bound notebook will come in very handy for taking important notes. You can work on experiencing what’s right in front of you, rather than trying to keep track of critical names or dates or times.


And finally, a picture-taking tip

This last tip is about process, and not about packing. If you are the picture-taking sort of traveler, get into the habit of taking pictures of the signs in front of whatever attraction you visit. It’s much easier later to remember details if you have those basics, and you’ll already have the pictures in sequence so organizing is a snap.

Our goal is for you to have the best Peruvian adventure possible when you travel with us. We look forward to seeing you on our next tour.

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