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Machu Picchu Overview

The new norms will be effective starting July 1st 2017.

On this meeting, the following was established:

  • The maximum time a passenger can remain in the premises will be 4 hours, period that will start running as soon as he enters.
  • There will be two schedules. In the morning, from 6:00 am until noon, and the evening schedule, from noon until 16:30. The fortress will close its doors at 17:30.
  • During the trial period (from July 1st to October 31st) entry hours will be flexible, with a 2-hour margin before and after noon. This means that if the passenger has an entry ticket for the evening, he will be able to enter the citadel since 10:00am. If the entry ticket is fir the morning, he may enter until 14:00.
  • It is mandatory that all passengers enter the sanctuary accompanied by a guide. If they go for a second visit the next day, they must present their first entry ticket so that they can enter without a guide.
  • If a group has over 16 passengers, a second guide will be needed. This does not apply for groups of uncommon languages (like German) with a private translator.
  • Passengers that have a guided tour and want to leave the sanctuary, for lunch or any other activity, will not be able to re-enter.
  • Passengers that go to Huayna Picchu will not have schedule or permanence restrictions.
  • Measures will become stricter during November and December.
  • Permanence within the sanctuary will be controlled starting January, 2018.
  • The evening schedule will remain during all 2018.
  • According to the previous resolution, the former permanence time will still apply for entry tickets that were purchased until May 3rd. On the other hand, new tickets -which will be under the new regulation starting July 1st- will be sold starting May 29th.
  • The cost of the admission will be the same for the morning or evening tickets.
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