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palomino island sea lions

The Palomino Islands belong to a group of islands very close to Callao, these harbor part of the marine life typical of the Peruvian coasts. This group of islands are full of history, like San Lorenzo Island known for being a mysterious island because it was believed that there were pirates with treasures.

There is also the Frontón Island, which in the colony was a political jail, so it gained the name of the “Island of Death”. Located a few minutes from Lima, these islands harbor a colony of 5000 SEA LYONS, it becomes a highly recommended option as a tourist spot near the city.

These sea wolves or lyons, which inhabit the coasts of South America, are very characteristic for their reddish mane. There is a neighboring island called Cavinzas, where the old sea lions take refuge and is also home to a variety of guano birds such as boobies, pelicans, gulls and the shy penguins sharpen the sight of travelers who like to see them.


It is a rocky formation full of these little animals perch in front of our eyes. Already minutes before arriving you will feel the intense and typical guano smell produced by this species. The waves burst against the rocks. These wolves fall and play.

You can also see the imposing and hairy males, huge with about 350 kilos of weight, which emit serious sounds to protect their colony, the females about 130 kilos live between 20 to 25 years.


In agreement with SERNANP (National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State), signed in 2016, It was agreed that the activities are carried out in a responsible manner and respecting the ecosystem.

The first thing that the visitor must know is that there are only four companies authorized to sail to this destination: T & T Tourism and Services, Ecocruceros, Mar Adentro and Technical Diving of Peru. In an agreement with SERNANP (National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State), signed in 2016, ensures that the activities are carried out in a responsible manner and respecting the ecosystem.


The waters are quite cold so it is best to prepare very well, it is recommended to put on the wetsuit (wetsuit) to be able to submerge with the life jacket well put. The only requirement to share a moment with the sea Lyons is to know how to float. If you can not swim, they can help you with additional floats to the vest.

Unlike the Ballestas Islands, this place is perfect for bathing because it is a resting area and not a breeding area. That’s why his behavior is not aggressive. Another very important recommendation is to have a very light breakfast before traveling and take a pill for seasickness.


Palomino Island

The boats are 50 meters away from the island and swimmers 30 meters away. In order not to affect the habitat of the sea lyons, it is forbidden to touch them, to shout or make annoying noises, one should only wait for them to approach and without a doubt, it will happen.

Their behavior is incredible, they are confident and very curious, because it is believed that many of them are already used to visits by tourists. The best of all is that this activity can be done throughout the year. Being July where you can see more of them. Mothers and still small pups return to this area after breeding.

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