Peru vacation packages, Cusco the “Inca City of America”

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Peru vacation packages, Cusco, Inca Valley

Vacations in Peru

One of the most cities visited in America for all travelers in the world, is Cusco, nominated Archeological Capital of America by “XXV Congreso de Americanistas” in La Plata, Argentina 1933, and is for this and other reasons that Cusco is part of the best Peru vacation packages.

Cusco was the main city of the Inca Empire, and during the viceroy, churches, palaces and baroque squares were build. For these reasons is the principal city visited in Peru, and was declared World Heritage in 1983 by UNESCO.

All Peru vacation packages created need to  bring to the tourist to the culture, tradition, and the people of Cusco that are one of the friendliest people in Peru.

Mamachas from Peru

Cusco have a big tradition and you need be part of that, here is where Best Peru Tours we can give you the most important things that you need know about Custom and Traditions:

  • Intiraymi Party of the Sun from, central day on 24 June.
  • Festivity of “Patrón de San Jerónimo” from 28 September to 2 October.
  • Sanctuary of Lord of Huanca, central day on 14 September.
  • Altars in popular parties in Cuco.
  • Festivity of Virgin of Paucartambo, central day on 16 July.

These festivities are some of the important events that you need know in your visit to Cusco.

Near November 1st Cusco celebrates the “Día de Todos los Santos”, when all the living  celebrate the death

A meet with the dead

A meet with the dead in Peru

Families come with flowers for their love ones and kids will bring the favorite beer to their death parents, people eat special foods and drink traditional alcoholic beverages near the sepulture of their family and friend’s grave.

The graveyard of the city convert in emotional scenes of different families and friends, the tradition is go to visit in the cemetery to the beloved persons and bring big flowers arrangements, the favorite food of the deceased, favorite music and all favorite things that the deceased enjoyed in life, the people make a party around the beloved ones and all graveyards convert in a special scene with the alive people enjoy and celebrate at the same time.

This special event is 1 and 2 of November.

Special Sweets

Wawas, Peru tours

Some days before of the 1 November “Wawas” is prepared , that is a kind of bread with have the special forms, like: horse, child, alpacas, vicuñas, etc.

These “Wawas” are gifted to the children of the city, the tradition is wrap the bread in special shawl and put in the back of “Mamachas” that carry the “Wawas” to the graveyard.

Now you know these old traditions that maybe you don’t hear about anywhere else, so during your next Peru vacation packages, you need be part of one of these good events that will bring you closer to the people and traditions of Cusco.

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