4 Tours of Peru Perfect for Couples

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machu picchu peruTaking tours of Peru is fun by yourself, but sharing the experience with someone you love makes it all the more memorable. The diverse climate and culture provide plenty of options for couples to enjoy holidays in Peru, but here are four tours that couples shouldn’t skip over.

  1. Machu Picchu tours: The Lost City of the Inca is one of the most iconic attractions in Peru, and neither of you should miss it. Soak in the breathtaking view from the top of Huayna Peak, tour the restored city and hike up the beautiful Inca Trail and the cloud forest — it can all be a part of the Machu Picchu experience. There is also a museum near the Machu Picchu site that explains more of its history and significance that is worth visiting together, as there is little signage in the city itself.
  2. Gastronomy tours: Tours of Peru are hardly complete without trying the traditional and fusion dishes that this South American country is known for. From cuy relleno (stuffed guinea pig) to Chifa (Chinese-Pervian infusion) to Pisco (grape brandy), there is a lot to try during holidays in Peru. Take some time to try street food as well as local restaurants, and don’t forget to taste dessert! If you can visit the Gastronomic Fair Mistura in Lima, you can try many of Peru’s flavors all in one place. You can eat off each other’s plates — we won’t tell! These tours of Peru can be taken alone, but sharing food with someone you care about makes it a meal.
  3. Trips to Lake Titicaca: This relaxing lake is the highest elevation navigable lake in the world, and it is full of places and people for you both to discover. Enjoy a leisurely boat ride with your lover, slip on your bathing suits and take a dip or visit the small towns surrounding the water or on the manmade islands.
  4. Fly Over the Nazca Desert: The view from above the Nazca Desert is so breathtaking that sharing the experience amplifies the effect, plus you’ll have someone to share your excitement with! From miles above the ground, you can see the millenniums-old Nazca Lines that are animals, flowers and other figures carved into the ground. The purpose and method behind the Nazca Lines remains a mystery, but you’ll enjoy guessing 🙂

What tours of Peru would you love to see with your significant other?

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4 thoughts on “4 Tours of Peru Perfect for Couples

  1. Hello we are looking into doing @ 2 Week trip in Peru Lima Cusco Macchu Picchu lake titicana and amazon . What do you advise ? No heavy trekking but walking trails are fine thank you

  2. Hello we are looking for a 2-3 week tour in Peru Lima Cusco Machu Pichu lake Titicana and amazon and Bolivia Guatamala Chilie…closest
    neighboring countries if possible and not extremely expensive! What do you advise me and my husband? No heavy trekking but walking trails are fine for us too. Thank you.

  3. Please price out a package for two people flying from LAX (ONLY) to Lima, “NONSTOP” ! Staying 1 night in Lima and flying “NONSTOP” to CUZCO. Staying 2 nights in Cusco (with sightseeing) and visiting Machu Picchu, also 2 nights. Transportation? to Nazca and flying over the Nazca Lines, 1 night. Returning to Cuzco, 1 night and flying back to the USA via 2 more nights in Lima! Total consists of 9 NIGHTS, WITH 3 or 4 Star Hotel accommodations and Breakfast’s included!

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