Colca Canyon in Peru, Guided Tours for Condor Flight

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peru guided tours in colca canyon with condor flight in peru tours

The Colca Canyon is located in the department of Arequipa, Caylloma province, Peru. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations that this region has. The canyon has a depth of 4160 meters.

The Andean landscapes appear from 3000 meters to 5000 meters above sea level with steep slopes, where erosion of water has caused the formation of deep moats, the lands here are suitable for grazing, either based on the use of natural grass temporary, permanent and semi-permanent, are districts purely livestock and alpaqueros Tisco, Callalli and Sibayo.

Another of the main characteristics of the Colca Valley is the presence of thermal waters, from Caylloma to Canco, with a progressive decrease in water temperature, as well as a change in its chemical composition, from sulphurous to carbonated, the chemical composition of waters are mostly Ca, Zn, Fe, C, salts and others, with a maximum temperature of 85 C ° at the outlet of the spring.

The presence of geysers in Pinchollo, Cabanaconde and Tapay indicates the presence of nearby hot volcanic foci, these originate when groundwater surface, usually through a crack, its temperature is due to the contact of the water with the rocks in fusion.

One of the main tourist attractions is Condor Flight, it is recognized as the largest and heaviest flying bird on the planet. And the one with the largest wing surface. Adults can measure up to 142 cm in height, and between 270 and 330 cm in size, and weigh 11 to 15 kg males and 8 to 11 kg females. It is one of the birds that flies to greater heights, using upward vertical thermal currents of warm air to be able to climb with relative ease the 7000 meters; then it can fly for hundreds of miles planning the territory almost without moving the extended wings.

If you are not an expert, or you are not accustomed to the mountain hike, it is advisable to hire a guided tour, there are many guides of the place who will be willing to help you and in this way, make your experience the most favorable and extraordinary. There are also packages that already offer this circuit with guides of the place included, usually these guided tours are given by agencies that already offer a whole range of places to visit including the Colca Canyon. Peru guided tours are often found in the different tour packages that you buy with your travel agency, but if you like adventure do not worry arriving in the same city of Arequipa you will find guided tours by Peruvian guides who are the best as they know well the place.

We have given you some scope of what you can find when visiting the Colca Canyon, but the most important thing is that you do not have to live this exciting experience, we are sure that you will enjoy it very much and if you travel in a group, it will be an experience among friends or family or both, unforgettable!

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