Peruvian Coffee Day, Visit the Coffee Villa Rica Route In Your Next Vacations

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The route of peruvian coffee

The day of the Peruvian coffee is celebrated on August 24, internationally recognized as the best or one of the best in the world.

This Peruvian product is one of the most demanded by the most demanding consumers of different countries, for this reason here is a summary of how one of our flag products is processed.

The coffee is cultivated at the 600 to 1800 meters above sea level in almost all the geographical regions of Peru, but mostly it develops above 1000 meters above sea level, around 75%.

Peru, due to its great diversity of climates and geographical areas, makes the cultivation of coffee the ideal environment to obtain a higher quality coffee compare to other countries.

In Peru, coffee “Coffea Arabica” is grown, which in turn has different aromas, flavors and acids.

The route of Villa Rica is currently one of the most important tourist attractions that should be on your list of your next vacation if you are a good coffee lover, is located in the Pasco region in the central jungle.

This route will allow you to know the most outstanding areas in the production of organic coffee of global recognition, as well as the different communities belonging to the central jungle and it is important not to forget that you will be part of an enormous natural beauty.

There are 3 cultures that coexist on this route and live off the production of coffee, all of them welcome tourists to be part of the coffee process in its different varieties, these communities are:

Villarica Coffee

  • Community Indigena Yánesha
  • Colonos Austro-Alemanes
  • Colonos from others regions of Perú

The Peruvian coffee throughout its history obtained different recognitions worldwide, in the last 3 years:

  • 2018: The best quality coffe in the world in Global Specialty Coffee EXPO Seattle
  • 2017: The best quality coffe in the world in Global Specialty Coffee EXPO Seattle
  • 2016: 5 gold, 3 silver and three bronze medals in the second international roasted coffee competition, in Paris – France.

* Vicentina Phocco, the coffee producer that triumphed at the Global Specialtu Coffee Expo EXPO Seattle 2018, in the USA.

“I am happy to have won this award. I am a coffee woman from Tupac Amaru, Alto Inambari, province of Sandia, department of Puno. ” Those were the first words of Vicentina Phocco to the local media after the result that makes her triumphant.

In this way we celebrate the day of one of our flagship products and we share it with the world, this weekend (August 24, 25 and 26) if you are in Lima the Expo Villa Rica 2018 is being held, which will bring you closer to what that you will live in your next vacations in the plazuela of the arts of the municipal theater of Lima (jirón Ica 377, Cercado de Lima).

There will be more than 20 varieties of coffee that you can taste, it will be made from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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