New Paradise Discovered in Peru “Cascada La Novia”

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Waterfall La Novia

Peru is a country full of wonders for all its visitors, and the greatest pride for all Peruvians, who welcome everyone with open arms.

The waterfalls are one of the natural wonders that surprise us with their impressive beauty and strength to those who have had the pleasure of knowing some.

In Peru we will cross many waterfalls, which can be found in all regions, each of them full of beauty and wrapped in a great enigma of the legends of each place that are told by their inhabitants who make these wonders a unique experience for your visitors.

Recently a new discovery has been made, and it is a beautiful waterfall that we are sure you will love, the waterfall “Cascada La Novia“, is located in the city of Cajamarca (Peru), in the town of Namora.

To get to see this new discovery, being in the city of Cajamarca, going to the town of Namora will take about 30 minutes, and then 2 hours to the waterfall, it is necessary to travel by van since the road is not so accessible but once you reach your destination, everything will have been worth it.

The settlers say that this beautiful waterfall was formed from a beautiful bride and her misfortune to lose her beloved, the legend is as follows:

“In times of yore, a couple of lovers who loved each other deeply despite the rivalry of their families, decided to get married, but on the big day so special for both, the father of the bride took a rifle and shoots the groom propitiating him the death instantaneously, this act caused the bride wrapped in tears and with a huge grief to run out with her beautiful dress towards the mountains, and being there when she could not bear the sadness of losing her beloved, she made a pact with the Apu and the Pachamama, which turned it into a beautiful waterfall, so that everyone could appreciate its beauty for all eternity “

Do not miss out on this beautiful place and plan it for your next vacation, we are sure you will be fascinated.

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