Máncora – Peru’s Top Beach Vacation Spot

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Mancora - Peru ToursOne of the great things about Peru is that it’s accommodating to all sorts of different vacation plans. For travellers who love the bustle of the city, Lima and other cities have plenty to offer. For the historically minded, there are the many ruins and historical spots. But we’re not going to be addressing those people today. Instead, this post is going to be for those looking to use their vacation to get away from it all and relax on the beach. If that sounds like the Peru vacation that you want, then Mancora is the place for you.

Mancora is located in the Piura region of Northwest Peru, and has become a favorite destination for vacationers and travelling surfers from all over the world. Famous for its beautiful beaches, it is currently home to over 30 beach resorts and many nightclubs and restaurants. Travellers who want to live it up but want to avoid the hassle and crowds of the city will find more than enough to do staying in the city.

Of course, there’s more to do than just sit on the popular beach spots and visit stores catering to tourists. There are also nearby waterfalls and back roads that, with the help of a guide, can lead you to secluded natural pools, waterfalls, and other out of the way spots. If you want to enjoy the location but avoid the other crowds, it’s not hard to find a place close by that the less adventurous visitors will never know about.

While Mancora’s weather can be uncomfortably hot and rainy during the summer season (December to April), the rest of the year the weather is famously mild and pleasant. Temperatures during spring and summer generally never drop below very far 20 degrees C, even at night.

If your idea of an ideal Peru vacation is sand, sun, and relaxation away from the urban sprawl, then Mancora is an ideal place to go. There are many hotels and resorts to choose from, but be sure to book your trip in advance; Mancora is incredibly popular for a reason, and many other vacationers are securing rooms for themselves right now.

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  1. I (2) or more of us, have interest if possible taking one of your tours, “other than the beaches”, more into the country of Peru, I’ve been all down thru Chili, and your trips sounds great. Where do I receive complete information and photos? My address is”
    Hal Franklin P.O. Box 311, Tioga, Texas 76271 THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

  2. I’d enjoy a trip to peru both hiking and a motel occasionally. Historic travel is for me. Thanks.

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