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Peru Adventure Tours and Guinness World Record for 7m Long Chocolate Bar

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Peru Adventure Tours & Guinness World for longer chocolate bar

Peru pastry chefs earn Guinness World Record for 7m long chocolate bar

At this moment, we are offering a Peru adventure tour to special cities where you can enjoy your vacations, cities like:

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And as part of our Peru adventure tours, the past 14th  of October in district of Jesus Maria in Lima, a group of pastry chefs elaborated the longest chocolate bar in the world, it was necessary to baked about 1,000 kilos of cacao and for this reason this group of specialized pastry chefs won the Guinness World Record as the longer chocolate bar.

The chocolate bar had 7 meters of long, 3 meters wide and 5 centimeters high with a size of more than 1 ton of weight, according to Chef Juan Carlos Lopez, leader of the Association of Pastries of Peru, explained that producing the bar required an investment of more than $97,272.00 dollars.

The most important fact is that this bar of chocolate had more than 70% of cacao a feat that no other country had achieved.

The cacao came from areas such as Apurimac, Vraem and Mozon Jungle; areas that growth coca leaves in the past.

To cook this bar of chocolate, the group of chefs begun at 6 a.m. in the Peruanidad Avenue in Jesus María.

If you need more tours with this kind of events, check our Peru adventure tours or stay tone with news via our social networks and our website, and let us know what you think of this new Peruvian achievement!

Source: ABC News, El Comercio, CCTV+ Video

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