Cajamarca Carnival, a Party and Celebration for Everyone

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cajamarca carnival

The Cajamarca Carnival is one of the largest festivities and the most important carnival celebrated in Peru. For this reason it is called: Cajamarca, Capital of the Peruvian Carnival.

Characteristics are the “carnival songs” and colorful costumes. Music and joy are the tenor of the festivities, in addition to the games with water guns, balloons with water and ink. A characteristic element of the carnival is also “chicha de jora”.

The “Cilulo”, “La Carolina”, “Cumbe-Cumbe” and “La Matarina” are some of the traditional compositions of the Cajamarca carnival; It is also traditional to dance around “la unsha” which is a tree adorned with gifts. King Momo, is the character that presides over the hullabaloo of Carnival celebrations in Cajamarca and a large part of Peru.

Traditional elements of the carnival

In the Patrols and Comparsas always highlights “the Clone”, a character covered in a huge hat in the shape of a cone, wide and striking clothes and a mask made on the basis of finely woven wire. All of them, followers of the “Ño Carnavalón”, are habitual characters in the streets during the carnival. The clones are the ones who head, along with “Ño Carnavalón” on a Saturday in February, the great typical roe de Mondays.

The previous days, “Ño Carnavalón” sings and drinks to ecstasy because he sees his death. This singular doll of huge head, dancer and lover is the delight of the people, the star. But not exclusive, because they also highlight the elegant “Clones”, which head comparsas and patrols, and maintain order at the tip of lashes. Although nobody is saved from talc and globazos, or queens, policemen or priests.

The couplets and counterpoints, recently declared as the nation’s cultural heritage, will again be the nerve of the party. Verbal fencing is delicious; for example, the man says: I’d like to be candy / what a crazy occurrence / to hit me on your lips / and get rid of it in your mouth. And the woman responds: my neighbor is very happy / very much likes to sing / they say candy / only serves to chew

Other very popular events are the Patrols and Comparsas Contest and the Gran Corso. Finally, the Entombment of the “Ño Carnavalón”, far from being a reason for sadness, is a satirical staging that closes the celebrations with a flourish.

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